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Contact Us apart from organised visits

Re our Caretaker Jerry Sibley, (please note) special information at the end of this page. He only works part time and NOT ON SUNDAYS. He is greatly valued. He gives 200% over and above his duties. He is often praised by many, for the competent and illuminating talks he gives to visiting groups or visitors to the Synagogue, on the history of the Shul and Jews in Plymouth. We consider him our Shamash*
Mobile: 07753 267616 Between 10am and 6pm only Please note: he only works part time and NOT ON SUNDAYS

Chevra Kadisha - position to be arranged. Contact Hon Secretary meanwhile for information.

Funeral Directors Walter C Parson 01752343848
or mobile 07917246936

Honorary Secretary Alison Smith whose email is and her phone number is 07909 082 944 Dr Joe Bard continues as prayer leader of the congregation with services in the orthodox manner. Minister's Booking Secretary Jerry Sibley Synagogue Custodian. NO WEB SALES. THEY GET DELETED AT ONCE.

Honorary Treasurer
Dr Judith Beckman 01752565947 Not after 7pm nor on Friday eve or Saturday

Membership and Marriage Secretary - To be arranged. If needed speak to the Honorary Secretary. * A Shamas is a person who assists in the running of a synagogue and ensures that the many and varied needs are met.

Alternatively use the form provided, by scrolling down to below the Important Notice. To submit an enquiry, enter your name, email address and message. You will be contacted as soon as possible. No hawkers or web sales.


Our Caretaker/Synagogue Custodian works part-time and not on Sundays. 
Please do not ring any of the contact names above either on Friday evenings or Saturdays. These times are for the Sabbath. 
Except for the Funeral Directors, who are available 24/7.
 Thank you.

It's a waste of time writing this as I still get emails but   
ABSOLUTELY NO WEB SALES THANKS. I delete them instantly.  



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