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The Bull Run

14 December 2011 16:25

On May 22nd,  we hosted The Bull Run, an international car rally organised by Simon Winter OBE.  It was a wonderful Sunday further enhanced by Judi Spiers of Radio Devon fame, who waved off the fabulous cars on the first leg of their rally to the Santander Ferry en route to Spain.

About 15 cars arrived from America, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Guernsey and across the UK.  The cars, including the American cars, were well worth seeing.

They left for the Brittany Ferry Port and were ceremoniously waved off (with a flag of Britain), by Judi Spiers of BBC Radio Devon.

Upon their arrival they had refreshments in the vestry having travelled for some time. They spent around two hours at Plymouth Synagogue seeing our lovely building, hearing about our history, and holding a service conducted by their own Chazan, Robert Brody, with drivers, their guests and our members and friends present.

They sailed from Santander Spain, and their circular rally covered all the synagogues in Toledo, Cordova, Marbella, Gibraltar, Gerez Formula 1 racing circuit, Seville, Portugal, Evora, Viseu, Valladolid, then back to Portsmouth via the Santander ferry, IN ELEVEN DAYS!!

 Details of their next trip are on their website so look for The Bull Run, all proceeds are for charity The Israel Youth Award being the main beneficiary.
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The Bull Run
The Bull Run

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