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Synagogue Visits - Adults

We welcome visits by outside groups or individuals to our Synagogue. We would ask that you pre-book your visit with our Custodian Jerry Sibley on
  • mobile: 07753 267616
  • Email:

Email or text anytime, phone between 9am-5pm only 

Book as early as you can to avoid disappointment.

The tours usually take place Sunday to Thursday according to Jerry’s availability (Please be aware Jerry does the tours in his own time, unpaid and whilst he does them free of charge it would be appreciated if you would leave a donation towards the upkeep of the Synagogue)   

The Tours and talks currently available   

1. The General tour  
a) A general overview of the Synagogue with its history and place in Plymouth.  
b) The evolution of Plymouth with its Jewish population with particular regard to Catherine Street.    
c) For non-orthodox visitors Judaism and Christianity comparisons including signs and symbols.  

NB Tour 1 is approximately 2-3hrs 

2. Hoe cemetery tour 
a) A visit to the old cemetery on the Hoe with its history and place in Plymouth.  
b) An Audio trail of 16 tracks, short stories of some of the people buried within the cemetery including the cemetery’s history and evolution.  

NB Tour 2 is approximately 1hr and 30mins   

Additional talks/tours available  
Gifford Place Cemetery-the continuing story 1860 to present day  
WW1-the community’s war effort, those who served and The Jewish Battalions in Plymouth, with 15min audio. 
Coffee with Vera- an award winning theatre performance in the vestry, of the life of the Jewish Ladies Guild and Ruth’s quest to find her Jewish roots.  
Jewish festivals-a more in-depth look at Jewish practices and festivals including creation, the Sabbath and The Jewish calendar, Christian comparisons and evolution into modern times .