Welcome to Plymouth Synagogue, the oldest Ashkenazi Synagogue still in regular use in the English speaking world.

Regular members are welcome and don't need to register BUT if you are a visitor you need to contact Jerry Sibley our Synagogue Custodian 
on  07753 267616 first, to arrange to come.   Register your name and details with Jerry, by Law. Please attend the services, especially Jewish males, to make a minyan. For Service Times see 'Service Times at top of page.  
We welcome all Jewish people wanting to worship. You may wear a mask if you wish. 

Purim Times. March 

Saturday 23rd19.30 Erev Purim

Sunday 24th Service11 am

Come and booo when Haman's name is read out in the Megilla.

Purim party 12 noon

Note: The vestry will be opened 

30 minutes before the service.

Fancy dress is encouraged. 

Parking - whilst we have use of the car park next door to the synagogue on Friday evening or Saturday/Sunday, attending persons with a vehicle can use the car park until future notice.

Parking for mid week will be very limited and it is recommended either using the park and ride or street parking. 
Gates will be monitored by CCTV.
If you are intending to arrive for services after 1000 please inform Jerry on 07753  267616 if possible, when you are expecting to arrive. Should you arrive and have difficulty with the gate please be patient. Jerry will be watching you on 
CCTV and will be out shortly. 


For all contacts for specific purposes, click on Contacts Tab for names and phone numbers
  • Schools - if you want a visit please phone PCFCD - Plymouth Centre For Faith And Cultural Diversity on 01752 254438.
  • For Synagogue Visits (except schools) Phone Jerry Sibley on 07753 267616 mobile or 01752 263162 voicemail and leave your details on the voicemail but PLEASE SPEAK CLEARLY.
  • For information about our beautiful synagogue see the tabs 'Our Beautiful Building' and also 'History'.
Unfortunately we are unable to hold Cheder classes or Hebrew classes as there isn't anyone available to take them. If you would like to offer your services this will be extremely welcome.

Honorary Secretary is now Mrs Alison Smith whose email is manywaters@outlook.com and her phone number is 
07909 082 944. 

Dr Joe Bard continues as orthodox prayer leader of the congregation. 

Jerry Sibley can be contacted on phccaretaker@yahoo.co.uk or phccaretaker@gmail.com

Click Here for a map of where we are. 


Our Building

Around 1745 regular services were held in people's homes in Plymouth, then in rented rooms. We were granted our lease in 1762 when our Synagogue was established.

Our Services

Plymouth Hebrew Congregation regularly holds services for Shabbat: every Friday evening at 6 pm and every Saturday morning at 10am. For other services see events calendar.

Synagogue Visits

We would welcome you or your School to see our Synagogue, However for Adults it's a different number to Schools. If you would like to book a visit to our Synagogue. See below.

Visiting Officiants

We will publish the information about visiting Ministers when they are coming. If possible we try to combine their visit with an event ie a Shabbaton.


A Cheder class is held when a festival is due if there is a demand for it. We are organising Hebrew classes, if there is the demand for them. Contact Anna for more details on 077094894 between 11am and 8pm


Additional information about access to the cemetery.


A full list of Synagogue contacts and other useful information can be found here....