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Service Times

Plymouth Hebrew Congregation regularly hold services for Shabbat and Festivals every Friday evening at 6 pm and every Saturday morning at 10am.

For Festival Service Times see Festival Times.

Visitors especially, YOU DO NOT have to purchase a ticket or pay, to attend any services in shul! You are freely welcome!

This week's services are with Rabbi Lister on Friday evening at 6 pm and Saturday morning at 10am. 
The Shofar will be blown on Friday. 
Saturday after Kiddush Mrs Lister will take questions from the Ladies. 
Please support if possible.

Festival services are evenings at 6pm and mornings at 10am unless specified differently (ie Yom Kippur).

ALL JEWS are very welcome, whether orthodox or not.

Gentlemen sit downstairs. Please cover your heads. A yamulke (kippur) can be provided by Jerry. Ladies should go upstairs unless unable to climb stairs. Then they can sit downstairs but please let Jerry know. He will guide you where to sit.

After every service kiddush will be in the vestry.T 
You would be most welcome at the services, especially Jewish men, to make a minyan.

The next event will be Rosh HaShonnah